There are several names on the title page, but Pavel Kirillov stands proudly among them. He started his career in the kitchen of Oblomov 15 years ago, in 2017, he became chef. He remembers well the time when recipes for unique Russian dishes were revived here with old cookery books. And today, as always, we keep being true to ourselves, carefully preserving and developing traditions already within the framework of modern trends and new culinary trends.
Where this novel begins...
...with a beautiful cover – with the elegant façade of a three-storey mansion in a small lane of the former Monetnaya Sloboda. With an introduction – with a historical reference, which is read in the interior decoration. As soon as you enter you can pluge into the atmosphere, feel the Russian character and then notice it in every detail.

Here- you become the protagonist of the book, which has been written for more than 20 years, its new chapter, where, after a short lyrical introduction, several pages of mouth-watering content of the future storyline await you. Which appetizer to choose as the starter, which dish will be appropriate at the climax and which dessert will accompany you in the finale is up to you, but in the epilogue a glass of aromatic homemade liquor will be definitely suggested to you as an aftertaste.
Who is the author?
Restaurant “Oblomov”
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