Everything here is defined by classical motifs, but executed in a modern manner: traditional recipes in Oblomov are skillfully complemented by current trends of world culinary fashion.

Therefore, our menu is perfectly made from the first to the last line: from fresh cuts from storehouse to sophisticated meat delicacies, from salads in the old-fashioned way to desserts - and the latter, as anyone can confirm, have not yet left anyone indifferent.

We are also famous for our game dishes, which are prepared with great respect and love for valuable meats, and for our wine list, which includes sparkling champagne, crystal clear premium vodka and home-made tinctures for every taste.

It’s a personal tasting that will tell you best about our dishes. So don't let us keep you waiting, come and visit us!
Restaurant “Oblomov”
1-Y Monetchikovskiy Pereulok, 5, Moscow, Russia
Hours: 12:00 - 00:00