Life is poetry
In Oblomov, everything rhymes and the guests' hearts resonate with particular trepidation.
The decor inside echoes the decorationof a nobleman's mansion. Full of decorative attributes: pictures, mirrors, books - the interior keeps the memories of the past and invites the guest not only to spend time on eating supper, but also to get to know every skillfully chosen detail.

The ground floor appears in public as a gracious host: among columns, carpets, with a tiled stove and a chatty parrot; the second floor welcomes guests with subdued light, a wooden floor, white tablecloths and access to the terrace, which offers a view of the summer veranda with a Russian cooker. There is room for any event in your life: a quiet family dinner, a noisy feast, a casual conversation and songs and dances at a special moment of celebration.
Restaurant “Oblomov”
1-Y Monetchikovskiy Pereulok, 5, Moscow, Russia
Hours: 12:00 - 00:00