Lenten Menu in “Oblomov”

Lenten Menu in “Oblomov”

Grand Lent starts on February, 19th. Oblomov’s chef Pavell Kirillov created a special menu dedicated to the best traditions of Russian cuisine, both healthy and tasty.  His Lenten Menu includes old good recipes as well as new ones.

Starting with appetizers: Milky Mushroom Tartar with Russian rye bread toasts or maybe Olivier Salad  with Porcini Muschrooms? Borsh with Prunes and Baked Pumpkin Cream Soup are to continue, and for the main course choose between Peppers   Stuffed with Pearl Porridge and Celery Root Steak with homemade sauce. The perfect final touch should be a fine dessert, such as Cherry Strudel, Lenten Napoleon Cake or Fresh Juice Jelly. Raspberry and Cinnamon non alcohol Sbitens match well with every position.

For those days when it is allowed to eat fish there is a nice choice of seafood.

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