Fireplace Hall

The hall is located on the first floor and is decorated with woven wallpaper, columns, paintings, and a fireplace, for wintertime. A heated balcony is also accessible. “Fireplace Hall” is available for banquets ranging from 10 to 20 people or for standing receptions for up to 30 people. Guests can be seated either at several separate tables or at one large table. For guest relaxation, there are soft couches near the fireplace and on the balcony.


«Oblomov» Hall

The “Oblomov” hall is a Russian noble themed dining hall located on the second floor of the restaurant. The hall is decorated in a light pistachio tone, with oval mirrors, a large collection of timeworn books and antiques from the XIX century, along with a summer balcony. The hall is used for banquets ranging from 30 to 60 people. The seating and table arrangements can be altered depending on the format of the event.


«Shtolz» Hall

The “Shtolz” hall is located on the second floor of the restaurant, decorated in aged grey-blue tones, with a large number of windows, and a summer balcony. The hall can be used for banquets for groups of 20 to 34 people or a standing reception of up to 40 people. There are several seating arrangement possibilities including «П» shaped and separate 6 to 8 people tables. There is also a space for live music performances.


The menu includes dishes specially prepared by Head Chef Pavel Kirillov including: suckling pig, lamb leg, sterlet, goose or duck, served whole with side dishes and sauces.
For buffets, we are pleased to offer a wide range of canapés, meat and vegetarian skewers, vol-au-vent, pies, and profiteroles. For dessert we offer sweets, homemade pastries and a large cake for all guests. Our offer includes an aperitif table, cold dishes, main dishes, desserts, and drinks.

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