Lifestyle of 19th-century Russian nobles

On a quaint lane way in Moscow's historical Zamosvorechye neighbourhood, you might spot a yellow prerevolutionary house  with an unusual decoration above its windows - a long, horizontal bas relief depicting a 19th-century noble lounging atop cushions on a divan.

Those who've studied Russian literature might recognise the bath-robed man as representing Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, the sloth-like central character of Ivan Goncharov's 19th-century novel "Oblomov". And it's a clue to what you'll find inside this elegant building - a luxurious restaurant called Oblomov.

A visit to this establishment will immerse you in the lifestyle of 19th-century Russian nobles; indeed, this is a fitting place to mark a special occasion with a lavish feast. But watch out - you might find yourself getting very comfortable. And like Oblomov himself, you'll be loath to lift yourself up and leave.

Classical Russian cuisine

Oblomov’s chef Pavell Kirillov is pleased to offer you dishes of classical Russian cuisine.  Our menu is sure to satisfy gourmets who appreciate the finer things in life. Various kinds of caviar, all manner of exotic fish, and rare game meats are all on offer to spoil your palate. Do you fancy sterlet or wild boar? Goose, duck or rabbit? Or perhaps you're curious to try bear - either in the form of meat patties or braised with forest mushrooms and cranberries. Less adventurous diners will be happy  to find more familiar meats such as beef, mutton and chicken, or fish such as salmon alongside exotica like Siberian muksun.

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